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Meet Paul

Paul Orzech’s approach to art is deeply rooted in the phrase, “Variety is the spice of life.” Paul’s work ranges from traditional Southwest bronze sculptures, to funky cutting edge bronze work, to unique modern steel creations. It is this variety of styles that makes every piece a fresh and original work of art. Paul was schooled in the avant-garde at Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona. He was trained as a craftsman at a Tucson Arizona bronze art foundry. Paul’s work draws upon classical form but delivers these forms with a modern edge. Paul also is accomplished in the design and build of custom furniture and the design of digital designs using Z-Brush software.

Unlike many sculptors, a hallmark of Paul’s work is his direct personal involvement in every aspect of the art creation process, to the finishing touches and patina on his art work. Paul invites and encourages the patron to participate in all aspects of the process. His sculptures are personally guaranteed for quality workmanship. Paul’s goal is exceptional art resulting in overall customer satisfaction.


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